MAJIC Reports on Recent Activities

By: Michael Bobrove, MAJIC Chairman
Date: June 27, 2022


MAJIC has been busy. 

The Cannabis Industry in Japan is growing and MAJIC is woking hard to keep it ethical.

We have been holding regular meetings of our Board of Governors and working groups. We have also made two public presentations, one as a panelist group in the Health & Wellness Japan event, held at Big Sight on February 9, 2022 and more recently in a recorded Zoom session that was sponsored by and will soon be available through Informa.

In addition, we formed a working group of our members to address the import subject of CBD product labeling. 

Direction for the Ethical Expansion of the Cannabis Industry in Japan

This paper outlines MAJIC’s overall direction for areas of focus and activities to drive toward an ethical cannabis industry and can be accessed here.

Position on HHC, THC-O and other “High Compounds”

Recently there have been several “High Compounds” entering Japan which are clearly attempts to circumvent the THC laws in Japan. MAJIC is of the position that more data on the benefits and risks of these High Compounds should be generated and a step by step approach taken to consideration for entry in the market. 

Labeling Working Group

MAJIC has formed an internal working group to identify the proper standardization of labeling for CBD products. The group has met and worked out many of the details. The plan is for all MAJIC members to adhere to the new labeling guidelines. When the guidelines are finalized, MAJIC will publish a position paper with the details.

MAJIC Presentations

MAJIC Board of Governors had the honor to present on two occasions, The first was at the EVENT name on DATE, which MAJIC used to launch the “Direction for the Ethical Expansion of the Cannabis Industry” position paper. The second was recorded on June 22, 2022 and will be released in July by Informa Japan in a series of Zoom recorded lectures, In this panel discussion, members from the Board of Governors talk candidly about the areas necessary for the forth of the Cannabis Industry and the ethical issues that need to be considered.


Interested to become a member of the first Cannabis Association in Japan established and incorporated to represent the manufacturers and sellers of legal cannabis products in Japan. We are all about growing an ethical Cannabis Industry.

If you like what you see and would like to learn more or join, please click here to submit an application and any questions you may have.

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