About Us

Ethically Leading & Growing Japan’s Cannabis Industry

MAJIC is the first organization established and incorporated to represent the manufacturers and sellers of legal cannabis products in Japan.

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MAJIC is dedicated to actively and responsibly growing Japan’s Cannabis Industry

MAJIC Activities include:

  • Gathering and disseminating accurate information about cannabis
  • Formulating industry standards for the safe and consistent production, marketing and distribution of legal cannabis products in Japan.
  • Partnering with the Japanese government and other related organizations
  • Holding seminars and events
  • Other activities necessary to achieve the mission of our organization
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Our members drive our organization

Are you ready to join us to contribute to the ethical development and growth of the Japanese Cannabis Industry?

Benefits of Membership:

  • Certify that your business is compliant with the guidelines established by MAJIC for the ethical and proper production, promotion and sales of cannabis products in Japan.
  • Actively drive the growth of the Japanese Cannabis Industry
  • Participate in MAJIC events with like-minded companies to learn, teach and share ideas
  • Access the latest information about the cannabis industry
  • Promote your products and services through the MAJIC Market

2022 – 2023 MAJIC Mark Special Campaign

For all MAJIC members who join the organization before the end of 2023. Members in good standing can apply and receive up to thirty MAJIC Marks for their compliant products. MAJIC marks will be valid for one year from receipt and must be renewed each year at standard costs.

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