Our members drive our organization

Are you ready to join us to contribute to the ethical development and growth of the Japanese Cannabis Industry?

Benefits of Membership:

  • Certify that your business is compliant with the guidelines established by MAJIC for the ethical and proper production, promotion and sales of cannabis products in Japan
  • Actively drive the growth of the Japanese Cannabis Industry
  • Participate in MAJIC events with like-minded companies to learn, teach and share ideas
  • Access the latest information about the cannabis industry
  • Promote your products and services through the MAJIC Market

Expectations for MAJIC Members:

MAJIC is an organization driven by and for its members. We are about creating an environment and policies for the advancement of an ethical cannabis industry in Japan, not about benefiting one or another specific company or individual.  

We believe that being a member of a reputable and legitimate organization that promotes an ethical cannabis industry is in itself a benefit to all MAJIC member companies.

To form an ethical and self-motivated organization we have the following expectations for our members:

  • Recognize that MAJIC is a only as strong as the sum of its members and their activities
  • Proactively contribute a reasonable amount of your time and resources to achieve the goals of MAJIC
  • Proactively contribute your knowledge and ideas to drive an ethical cannabis market in Japan
  • Always behave ethically in business and other activities related to cannabis

Membership is open to the following Japanese organizations:

  • Cannabis Farmers
  • Cannabis Importers
  • Cannabis Product Producers
  • Cannabis Wholesalers & Retailers


Applicants must meet and maintain the following criteria for membership and be approved by the MAJIC Board of Governors:

Membership Rules

  • Members must promote and uphold the highest integrity and transparency regarding cannabis-related information and business.
  • Members must adhere to MAJIC policies and guidelines
  • Members must be incorporated in Japan
  • Cannabis should be main business or one of main businesses
  • No association with illegal drugs
  • No criminal activity or record
  • No false or illegal promotional or other claims regarding their products and services or use of products and services
  • Evidence from 3rd party independent testing agency and other sources to show legal compliance of products in Japan
  • Recommendation from two exisiting MAJIC member companies required
  • All Members must be committed to actively leading and supporting working groups established by the MAJIC Board of Governors
  • Membership is subject to application and approval by the MAJIC Board of Governors
  • Payment of Annual membership fees


How to apply for membership:

Fill out the form below to start the application process. Our membership office will promptly respond to your application.