Call for Immediate Prohibition of Possession, Use, and Circulation of High Compound (HHCH) and Synthetic Compounds by the Japan Cannabis Industry Association (MAJIC)

The Manufacturers Association of Japan Industrial Cannabis (MAJIC), an ethical leader in the Japanese hemp industry, strongly calls for the immediate prohibition of the possession, use, and circulation of synthetic compounds, including “High Compound” (HHCH). This statement is in response to the increasing incidents in Japan, particularly concerning the regulation of synthetic compounds like HHCH.


MAJIC was established with the vision of ethically guiding and developing the cannabis industry in Japan, focusing on setting industry standards, ensuring safety, enforcing compliance, and maintaining transparency. Committed to actively contributing to the Japanese economy, MAJIC comprises legal cannabis industry stakeholders.

Position Paper and Advocacy for Regulation:

In May 2022, MAJIC released a position paper warning of the potential risks of synthetic compounds, including HHCH. Citing the unpredictable nature and potential health risks of these compounds, the paper strongly advocated for regulation and urged the government to take swift and decisive action prioritizing public safety.

Recent Cases Regarding HHCH:

Expressing deep concern over recent incidents related to HHCH in Japan, MAJIC acknowledges the potential dangers of synthetic compounds, such as High Compound (HHCH), causing severe cases requiring hospitalization. MAJIC strongly proposes immediate regulation of HHCH.

Additionally, MAJIC emphasizes the distinction between CBD and synthetic compounds (HHCH) found in reported “cannabis gummies.” CBD, devoid of psychoactive effects, is recognized as safe by the government as a food ingredient. Unregulated components like HHCH are not quasi-legal drugs or potential designated drugs in the future.

The Current Efforts of MAJIC:

– Standards and Safety: MAJIC focuses on establishing industry standards for the safe and consistent production, marketing, and distribution of legal cannabis products in Japan.

– Cannabis Product Label Certification: The MAJIC mark aims to provide consumers purchasing cannabis products, such as CBD, with consistent labeling, transparency, and trust.

– Collaboration with the Government: MAJIC collaborates with the Japanese government and related agencies to contribute to the establishment of industry self-regulation.

– Education and Awareness: MAJIC conducts seminars and events to disseminate accurate information about cannabis and hemp, promoting responsible consumption.

About MAJIC:

Manufacturers Association of Japan Industrial Cannabis (MAJIC) is the first industry group established in Japan for manufacturers and sellers of products using legal cannabis (industrial hemp). Its members, including importers, producers, wholesalers, and retailers, share a commitment to MAJIC’s mission, focusing on setting industry standards, ensuring safety, enforcing compliance, maintaining transparency, and actively contributing to Japan’s people and economy. MAJIC contributes to the entire cannabis industry through activities such as MAJIC mark certification, collaboration with government agencies, seminars, and events.

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